It’s written in the cards


We are all authors of our own lives

Ever noticed that the word ‘authority’ contains the word ‘author? In more general terms the word ‘author’ means to create something and ‘authority’ is often considered as having power over something. Hence we have the power to create the world around us and to carve out our own life’s path.

Authorship and the potential for creativity


‘Authority’ and ‘author’ are rooted in the same latin verb ‘augere’ which means to increase’ or ‘grow’.

I have chosen the Empress and the Emperor as a pairing in the tarot to illustrate this concept. The Empress is about creativity, expansion and growth and a key word for the Emperor is ‘authority’, it is about power and structure.  With the Empress we can birth the ideas or concepts which would otherwise remain hidden in our inner world (The High Priestess).  However with the potent energy of the Emperor, associated with the firey sign of aries, we can give it a solid plaform from which to grow. Through this powerful combination we CAN fulfill our creative potential.